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artistic, architectural and archaeological

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residential , hotel , industrial , hospital , historical

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architectural and engineering design , 3d rendering and animation

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monumental and civil buildings, implant

The union of different realities such as heritage and professionalism, skills and business dynamism, puts TECNORES srl General Construction Company among the leading companies in the branch.


In an order of a continuous research for improvement and synergies, the company covers the main buildings categories; These range from the restoration of monumental buildings to the interior architecture, from the design to the grant and maintenance of the work, from residential and housing building to the industrial and tertiary hospital, academic and for the sport to the works of aqueducts and drainage system.


Most of the works are planned both by qualified technicians employed by the Company, and by external  qualified and experienced technical experts.


The technical management  is mostly handle from our technical employees and in some cases even with the help of external experts with specific tested experience.The operational structure consists of homogeneous teams of workers highly skilled  in sectors and specific processes, which are conducted by our specialists.


The wide experience gained through the implementation of several important works and highly qualified technical staff, allow to achieve, in a  total synergy, works that require building and plant design proficiency offering customers the widest professionalism and  presenting itself as the sole representative for all duration of the work.


The activities carried out in the construction industry sector have supplied the TECNORES Srl, General Construction Company, of technical organizational resources in all fields of architecture and civil engineering, which allow it to provide the know-how and adequate professionalism not only in the  construction and restoration services (from the design to the final implementation) but also in the management of the completed work.


The company methodology adopted in the restoration and restructuring interventations takes place according to a precise standard practice that involves several actions for a total knowledge of the  resource ( goods)  and a performance that consists in  several phases. In fact, the knowledge and the critical analysis of the building to be restored as well as the state of conservation of equipment and decorated architectural surfaces on which to intervene, is the crucial point for a good approach to the restoration of the goods.


In fact, the survey campaigns are aspired to the documentation and, in particular, the characterization of the constitutive materials, to the study of the construction techniques and the materials, to the location and mapping of the decorations’ degradation, the painted surfaces, plaster, floors and structures.


It is our essential procdure to make, before the start of the restoration work, cognitive studies and prepare metric surveys and photographic surveys of the decorated surfaces, detailed photographic documentation  of historic  artistic and conservative, interest areas , the study and classification of the materials and techniques utilized, the preparation of the thematic tables.


The company and staff sensitivity, acquired over the years, begins even  before the realization of the true and proper recovery interventions.


Planning and set up a site appears to be on the one hand the first step for a good restoration and on the other hand it is  indispensable to limit the effect of the work on the community.