• Categories: Archaeology, Architectural renovation, Artistic restauration
  • Contracting customar: Ministry of Heritage and Culture - Architectural Heritage Sperintendence for Marche


The functional salvage of the buildings located in the  Roman Amphitheatre of Ancona, is an  extremely detailed and complex theme, it needs to reconcile the static consolidation of building products with the preservation and development of archaeological interest  structures , as well as it needs to allow, especially in the first phase, the execution of a systematic campaign of tests and excavations aimed to reveal, where possible, the entire structure.

The project, made even more complex by the extreme degradation of the buildings, were originally implemented by apprestamento of works of a provisional (shoring, hoops, removing portions of crumbling walls, construction of roofs stamp, etc.) aimed to avoid the further aggravation of the already precarious static conditions of structures.

Later it was realized a continuous stiffening at the base of the lodges through the implementation of steel profiles trusses  having a function of consolidation of the walls bases, as well as the support of this base with flanged cylinders pillars, extensible up to the predetermined quota of excavation.

In each of those pillars, kept in operation by hydraulic jacks whose operation in an alternative way, has allowed the progressive, temporary removal of the support bases of the plinths and the performing, below them of the excavations provided in safety conditions and without the use of expensive reinforcements or, worst, irreversible reinforcement  that would have compromised the reveal  of the structures of archaeological interest.

Finally, it was decided to implement the organic project of functional recovery of the Amphitheatre, which also includes the former Church of St. Gregory the Illuminator and the arrangement of public lands located there.