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Buildings consume large amounts of natural resources, during the construction, the renovation and the demolition.

And it is to break down this immense waste of resources which our works revolve around three key words:


Ecological materials

A good restoration  intervention also aims to reduce waste, both during construction and at its conclusion.

In fact Tecnores always inserts in its projects natural materials  like bio-mortars, natural plasters, organic plasters, plant-based paints and recycled and recyclable materials.


In a full compliance of the five principles of restoration, Tecnores always tries to use materials that can ensure the correct reading and storage of goods.Dry construction

Wooden, steel and glass structures characterize our works. A careful  and meticulous  study precedes the design that will be made with the best care. Wood and steel structures, called light buildings, ensure a high static efficiency and low use of construction materials. They guarantee a perfect reversibility, in fact can be removed, replaced or integrated without damaging the find, standing out from it so as to allow the perfect recognition of it and without the risk of modify its reading.


Bio Restoration

A dry construction dramatically decreases the processing time of a  structure similar but made with wet techniques, in addition there is the advantage that once demolished, its parts, can be reused or recycled.

For a proper restoration Tecnores uses innovative techniques and  exclusively materials biocompatible  with the find. One of the most innovative techniques is the use of bacteria, it is the new frontier in the field of restoration, which consist in  the use of microorganisms to clean the frescoes and statues damaged by the spending of time.

These bacteria are applied through a clay pack and they feed the deposits formed on the finds. Through this technique  chemicals products are avoided, they often can corrode the find or modify the reading.

Eco-friendly architecture

It always  provides the perfect design and construction of insulation to prevent heat loss and, when possible, it installs solar panels to create self-sustainable buildings.


At Tecnores we think about the building at all stages of its life and therefore, even at the time of demolition, we used techniques that create the least possible pollution. Not only visual and acoustic, but the pollution of a demolition is given by the fine particles which are lifted during this step.Abatement of fine particles

To date, the most effective system for the removal of fine particles can be obtained in a construction site through the use of atomizing cannon for dust suppression. In addition to prevent that  these particles are dispersed in the environment, the same cannon is used on the instruments to clean them from debris formed during the demolition.


In an environmental protection policy and waste reduction, the  recycling of building materials has  becoming increasingly important. In order to avoid disposing of large quantities of waste produced by both the construction phase and the demolition phase, we at Tecnores try to re-use the excess materials in the same site or  to mince it through machines and re-use it in other ways.Recycling of building materials